Stella Cecil

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After completing my degree in Fashion Design at Leeds College of Art and Design, I lived in New York working for a menswear label in Manhattan called Leroy Jenkins.

When I returned to England I ran away to Gifford’s Circus, and helped to create their set and props for their sell out show ‘Caravan’.

Since then I have worked for several years in the film and theatre industry in a variety of positions ranging from costume designer, art director, maker, dresser and stylist.

I believe that the arts bring people together and enrich lives. Every year I work for the Notting Hill Carnival helping to construct large scale costumes that are paraded through the streets. I also work with The Big House Theatre, an exciting new charity which works with young people who are at risk to create cutting-edge performances.


I have now returned to education to study a Masters specialising in Set and Costume Design for Theatre and Performance. The course at Wimbledon has given me a much needed challenge and has helped me to grow in confidence as a theatre designer.

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