Henry V Storyboard

Here is the complete storyboard for Propeller’s Henry V.

I put it together by running through a number of drawings, most of them first written into my script – which, remember, I use as a sketchbook. I taken them out and I put them onto separate sheets of paper and I assemble them into this storyboard – I call it a storyboard because that’s the most familiar term for what is essentially a road map of story-telling moments, of events,  events that we pitch at the company as a narrative tool kit: a framework to work with. I’ll also include in my notation relevant lines from the play. I will try to get a sense of where the audience are in relation to these events: where the interval comes is very important. What the storyboard gives us is a fluid way of seeing a prototype.  And because the frames are done with this very, very crude and wonderful thing called a pencil, it means that they look provisional, disposable. They look plastic.