Lucy Williams

I  am interested in the relationship people have to their natural landscape, both in the past and present: looking at how performance has been used within traditional customs to help engage with the environment. I aim to use the traditions and our rich folklore to engage modern audiences with their sense of identity within the natural landscape and I draw inspiration from folklore practices and the relationship it has with retaining cultural identity and community. I feel a sense of self, in relation to your environment, is relevant to everyone and is therefore universal to an audience. An important part of living somewhere is feeling connected to the region and to the people that you live alongside.

Growing partitions between mankind’s synchronization with the natural world are ever-present within our environment – we create barriers between ourselves and our native surroundings. This protects us from the threat of weather and to make our lives more comfortable, which is of course an understandable progression, yet we have to consider if we are losing something. If we are not living sustainable lives in harmony with the natural environment we lose an important part of our involvement in the world. I am interested in using performance to engage people with their landscape and community.