Productions Past: PLACE

Here are a few of my productions that address space as a plastic environment. The narrative, whether physical, visual or verbal, shifts in the audiences imagination – it’s the thing that cinema does with such dexterity that we, the audience, don’t even have to think about it – we are immersed. The space requires some rules – usually aesthetic rules that are absorbed by the audience in an instant so that they can feel, however challenged by the subject matter, included. There’s nothing worse than being at a party where everyone knows each other and you find yourself stranded on the outside,… right? Worse still if you’ve paid hard earned money for your entry! So it’s the job of the designer to welcome those that support your art, those that enter into a contract of faith that you will take them on a voyage of discovery – just around the corner… rather than another planet!

Obscure – perhaps. These images are from my early work with dancers from the the Royal Ballet at Sadler’s Wells [Citified], a dance piece with some of the same dancers for BBC2 in collaboration with The Cure (see the video), and Paul Claudel’s play Partage de Midi rarely performed in this country directed by Eloi Recoing and with Susannah York at the Institut Français, London.

  • Siamese Twins
  • Citified
  • Partage de Midi 1
  • Partage de Midi 2
  • Partage de Midi 3
  • Partage de Midi 4