Productions past: ROOMS

January 9th, 2014


Here are productions that I consider to be more architectural: sometimes realistic, sometimes following various theatrical conventions. They are often concerned with serving the play in the best way imaginable and for a particular audience demographic. I call them ‘sofa plays‘, as the principal decision is the sofa’s relationship to the doors upstage or entrances elsewhere. That’s not to think any less of them, either as plays, productions or designs – they satisfy a demand, and although they may be certified ‘entertainment’, but many are thought provoking and insightful. If nothing else, they take you into another world, not a distraction so much as a journey, for a couple of hours in another person’s company – to understand something about someone else, and hopefully connect with it. For me they represent some of my most enjoyable hours on the drawing board. My job as a professional designer is to make a convincing visual context for the drama, put the audience at their ease so they can absorb the story, appreciate the intentions of the author and swing along with the performers as if they are observing friends, but at an imperceptible distance – and to feel, somehow, close, familiar,… involved.